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You should complete this worksheet before you telefile your sales and use tax return. Sales and Use tax payments can be made through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) after filing your return. Telefile will follow this worksheet as it tells you what information to enter. You may enter the information on this worksheet or print it and write the information in the fields provided. Before you call Telefile be sure to:

  • Record your Personal Identification Number (PIN) on all Telefile worksheets
  • Complete this worksheet
  • Use dollars and cents for all entries without a decimal point. The last two positions are assumed to be cents. If the amount for any line item is zero, you must enter 00.
  • If you owe money for the current tax period, you should transmit your payment electronically after completing your Telefile return.
  • Retain your Telefile Worksheet for your records
  • Write your confirmation number in the space provided along with the date & time of filing

PIN: FID: Tax Period:
1. Gross Sales:                 
2. Exempt Sales
    2. Sales for Resale/ Exempt Sales or Other Adjustments
    2A. Materials, Tools and Fuel:
    2B. Machinery and Replacement Parts:
Press Calculate:
3. TOTAL NON TAXABLE SALES: (add 2 + 2A + 2B)
Note: Telefile automatically calculates this line.
4. TAXABLE SALES: (subtract line 3 from line 1) ZERO IF NEGATIVE
Note: Telefile automatically calculates this line.
(Enter 0 if you have none)
6. TOTAL TAXABLE AMOUNT (add line 4 plus line 5)
Note: Telefile automatically calculates this line.
7. TOTAL TAX: (multiply line 6 by 6.25%)
Note: Telefile automatically calculates this line.

Tabacco Retailers only:
8 .Credit for pre-paid sales tax on tobacco products
TIR 08-9


You are now ready to Telefile. Please call (617) 660-2020 or (413) 781-9400.

Overpayment: Tax Due: Zero Balance:
Date: / / Time:
Return Confirmation #:
Payment Confirmation #:
Retain for your records. DO NOT mail to Massachusetts Department of Revenue.
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Phone: (617) 887-6367

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