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All financial institutions subject to the reporting requirements of Directive 09-1 must elect one of the two reporting methods. To do so, each institution must complete and submit an online Bank and Financial Institutions Data Matching Declaration.   Financial institutions continue to have the opportunity to choose between Method 1, the "All Accounts" method of reporting or Method 2, the "Matched Accounts" method.

To begin participation in the Bank Match Program, select New Registration.  Here you will be able to register for the program.   

If you have already registered and would like to change or modify account detail, including updating a levy address or email information, start by selecting Lookup Existing Registration.

Choose an option:

Please note:  Financial institutions who will self-transmit and utilize data uploads and downloads regardless of which option selected, must also register as a Third Party and maintain an active online "MassTaxConnect" account with Massachusetts Department of Revenue. This account will serve and provide users with a secure encrypted gateway to exchange data files.

Bank Match participants electing to designate a custodial agent who will transmit data on their behalf must have and provide their service agent’s MassTaxConnect “User Name” to complete the registration process. This requirement ensures that you have authorized an agent which meets the necessary standard to protect sensitive bank and financial data.
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