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Underground Storage Tank Program (UST)
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Getting Started in eUST
Register your business or service company and create an account to use eUST.
UST Overview Video Introduction to the UST Program's Online Application Filing System

Welcome to eUST! If you are a registered user and this is your first time logging in, we recommend that
you take a look at the tutorial videos once inside. These are located under the "Help Videos" tab:
  • "SuperUser Admin Functions" will guide you through how to update your organization's profile,
    create new users, and assign rights to an Authorized User.
  • "Reimbursement Applications" will walk you through preparing an Application for
  • "COC Applications" will guide you through completing a Certificate Of Compliance (COC) or a
    COC Renewal Application
If you are not a registered user, please select the Register link above and you will be redirected to a page
with instructions on becoming an eUST user.
eUST Announcements
NOTE: The UST information contained in eUST has been updated from the MassDEP DMS database as of 4/12/2018. If you have made changes in the DMS Database since the last update, you may not be able to proceed with certain applications. Please contact the UST Program if you have any questions.

New Feature
Posted: 4/18/2018

A new feature has been added!   Just to the right under the login box, you can now check the status of a facility's COC without logging into eUST.  You do not need to be a registered user to use this tool.    Simply input the facility ID and select "GO" and the facility information and COC status will be displayed.  The COC status is real time immediately reflecting any changes made by the UST Program.  If you don't know the Facility ID, you can select the "Facility ID Search" in the box and you will be launched to the MassDEP UST DMS.

New Feature
Posted: 2/12/2018

We have added a new feature called "Overview".  Overview presents a snapshot of available information about a facility including: facility name and address, facility owner information, USTs, Annual UST Fee billing status and history, COC status, and if applicable, reimbursement information for a particular eligibility (i.e. claim payments made, remaining balance, etc).  Look for the Overview tab next to the Home tab once you are logged into eUST.  Note that all information related to the facility and owner are from MassDEP's UST DMS database.  If you notice errors, please log into your MassDEP UST DMS account or contact MassDEP for assistance.   ****Added as of  2/12/18 - You can now print a copy of the facility COC from the Overview page ****

New features have been added to eUST:
Posted: 8/3/2016

Filing Reconsideration and Conference Requests –Filing a Reconsideration and Conference Request electronically is now available. Once you select a voted claim to View, the “Appeals” option will become available in the left hand navigation bar. For step-by-step filing instructions, please refer to the Filing Appeals help document that can be found under the Help tab.

New Search Filters - The Application Dashboard has new filtering features that will allow you to search for claims that have had Reconsiderations and Conferences submitted in order to help you track any appeals that are in process. 

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