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The WebFile For Business (WFB) Interactive Tour is a self-guided tour intended to provide a similar experience to using the actual site.
WFB serves two distinct user communities:
  1. Persons performing work on behalf of their own company. WFB refers to this role as the Business Master Administrator (abbreviated as BMA).

  2. Persons performing work as a Professional Tax Preparer on behalf of their clients. This is typically a CPA or other Accounting specialist. WFB refers to this role as the Professional Tax Preparer (abbreviated as PTP).
Looking for Help?
Please take note of the
section located on the far right of all WFB pages. There you will find help for performing a given task as well as explanations of terms used throughout the site.

To begin the tour, simply click on the button that best fits the way in which you would use the site.

This tour will show you how you can file and pay taxes, report wages, and perform account administration for your business.


This tour shows you how a Professional Tax Preparer may file and pay taxes on behalf of their clients.
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