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The Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) invites you to attend one of our free Small Business Workshops (SBW). Small Business Workshops are presented by DOR and are designed for the tax novice. SBWs cover many topics important to new business owners. The workshops cover the following topics:
  • Registering your business with DOR using MassTaxConnect
  • Meeting employer responsibilities
  • Reporting business income
  • Filing sales and use tax returns
  • Filing and payment procedures

At the workshops, DOR personnel will explain the proper procedure for collecting and remitting various DOR taxes, as well as the different types of business ownership and the tax requirements of each one. The Massachusetts sales and use tax, describing taxable and exempt sales and services also will be discussed. Special attention is given to the sales tax responsibilities of small businesses.

Upcoming Seminars
There are no seminars available currently.

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Important Note: To safeguard your privacy, do not send confidential taxpayer information (e.g., your Social Security number(s), tax liability amounts or other taxpayer-specific information). If you choose to disregard this warning, please be aware that the Massachusetts Department of Revenue is not responsible if confidential information you sent to the e-mail address above is accessed by third parties.

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