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(Only If Single, Head of Household or Married Filing Jointly)

For information regarding No Tax Status

You must enter an amount in all fields; if not applicable, enter 0. Enter all losses as positive amounts. Please do not enter any commas ( , ) or dollar signs ( $ ). To advance line to line use the Tab key. (Results accurate to within one dollar.)

If your Massachusetts AGI was $8,000 or less if single, $14,400 or less plus $1,000 per dependent if head of household, or $16,400 or less plus $1,000 per dependent if married filing a joint return, you qualify for No Tax Status and are not required to pay any Massachusetts income taxes.

Line 1. Enter your total 5.1% income from Form 1, line 10. Not less than "0" (add back any Abandoned Building Renovation deduction claimed on Schedule(s) C, line 30, and/or E, line 57, before entering an amount in line 1):
Line 2. Add Schedule Y, lines 1 through 10:
Line 3. Subtract line 2 from line 1. Not less than "0" :
Line 4. Enter total Massachusetts bank interest or the interest exemption amount, whichever is smaller, from Form 1, line 5a or 5b.

Note: if Form 1, line 10 is a loss. In this case, combine Form 1, line 10 with the smaller amount of total Mass. bank interest or the interest exemption amount. Enter the result here unless the result is a loss, in which case you should enter "0":
Line 5. Enter amount from Schedule B, line 35. If there is no entry in Schedule B, line 35 or if not filing Schedule B, enter the amount from Form 1, line 20:
Line 6. Enter the amount from Schedule D, Line 19. Not less than “0” (If filing Schedule D-IS, Installment Sales, see the Schedule D-IS instructions, available at, for the amount to enter in line 6.):
Press Enter:
Line 7. Add lines 3 through 6:

Enter your Filing Status from Form 1, line 1:  
 Single:      Married filing joint return:      Head of household:
Enter the number of dependents from Form 1, line 2b:
Press Enter:

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