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Electronic Forms ST6/ST6E/ST6D
The electronic forms ST-6/ST-6E/ST-6D for boat, recreation or snow vehicle sales will not be available November 21 thru November 29. Effective November 30, this application will be available on MassTaxConnect.
Manage your account using DOR's online services.   Perform work for your individual income clients.
The Massachusetts Health Care Reform Law requires most Massachusetts residents age 18 and over who can afford health insurance to have health coverage for the entire year or pay a penalty through their tax returns.
Read important health insurance information for taxpayers.
Professional tax preparers can perform work on their client's behalf using WebFile for Income, including filing returns, paying bills and managing client accounts.
Learn more about what PTP's can do with WebFile.
You can use WebFile for Income to file your resident personal income tax return or locate a professional tax preparer in your area who can electronically file your tax return.
Locate a professional tax preparer.
Are you a paid preparer and already have an account? There's no need to register again.
If you are not eligible to use WebFile for Income to file your resident personal income tax return, you can use these
DOR-approved commercial tax filing software packages and web sites.
MassTaxConnect gives taxpayers the ability to register, file returns, make payments and amend returns for business taxes online.
Learn more about MassTaxConnect.
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